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  • Land Surveyors and RPRs - What are they? An Outsider's Perspective
    Discover the vital role of land surveyors and Real Property Reports (RPRs) in the dynamic world of real estate and construction. Gain insights into the precision and expertise behind property boundaries, mapping, and urban planning. Explore the hidden realm of measurements and boundary markings that shape our communities.
  • Overland Drainage Right of Ways
    A Right of Way (R.W.) is a legally registered agreement associated with a land title, defining specific usage rights and restrictions for a portion of land. An Overland Drainage Right of Way can limit property owners' ability to inhibit drainage or install structures within this designated area.
  • Gas CO-OP and Utility Right of Way for Rural Properties
    In rural Alberta, the installation and management of natural gas infrastructure differ significantly from urban areas. Urban regions employ Utility Right Of Way Plans granting specific rights and obligations related to the infrastructure's location, outlined in on Real Property Reports (R.P.R.).
  • Utility Right of Ways
    Utility Right of Ways are critical yet often overlooked aspects of property ownership and real estate transactions. These designated portions of land, owned by one property owner but granting access rights to another, are common found throughout Alberta.
  • Relaxation and Encroachment Information updated for 2022
    Encroachment agreements, legal arrangements resolving disputes arising when one party's property improvements encroach onto another's, are crucial for addressing issues like fences, decks, retaining walls, or other property enhancements that may infringe upon municipal property or rights of way.
  • Calgary Real Property Reports, Window Wells & Air Conditioning Units: What You Need To Know
    The City of Calgary updated Land Use Byload 1P2007 in 2008 introducing significant changes regarding window wells and air conditioning units, affecting real estate transactions and homeowners. It is crucial for buyers and sellers to understand the implications of these changes.