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Property & Fence Line Surveys Calgary

Whether in an urban or rural setting, knowledge of where property boundaries actually are is critical. A property line survey accurately identifies where the borders of the property are located.

Axiom Geomatics conducts property line surveys and "stakes-out" the border/boundary - we clearly mark on the ground the actual property line with orange construction stakes.

Common mistakes made when the actual location of a property line is not known:

  • Municipal set-back requirements cannot be met
  • Construction of a feature (e.g. retaining wall, fence, building) on another's property
  • Building within right-of-ways
  • Lawsuits and/or destruction of the offending feature

Property Line Survey Cost in Calgary

A considerable amount of detailed work is involved in accurately determining where property lines lie. The size of the lot, natural features, shape and availability of survey evidence directly impact the time it takes to complete the project.

A typical property in the City of Calgary takes at least 3 hours to complete. Large rural properties may require a couple of days. Work is billed hourly given the unknowns of each situation.

By legislation, only an Alberta Land Surveyor is able to legally able to identify property boundaries; ensure your markings are legally sound before beginning construction.

Property & Fence Line Survey FAQs

Don't I own up-to the road on my property?

Probably not. The property line can be anywhere from the sidewalk to many meters onto what you perceive as your front yard. Additionally even inside that there may be utility right-of-way. In most municipalities you are, however, responsible for the care and maintenance of that property (e.g. snow shovelling, lawn care, etc…).

What style can my fence be?

In most neighbourhoods it can be any style you like. In some neighbourhoods this is limited by agreements on title, commonly this limits you to a 4-foot high, black, chain-link fence.

How tall can my fence be?

Fence height is typically limited by the municipality (via bylaws) and possibly via neighbourhood-specific architectural controls. It is the responsibility of the property owner to adhere to all local rules and regulations.

Does a fence need to be built on the property line?

No, you can build a fence on your side of the property line (especially if you disagree with your neighbour) or directly on the line if your neighbour agrees to the construction. Of course, it is always recommended to work with your neighbour where possible. An exception to this is if you are building along a utility right-of-way, in this case you MUST build on the property line.

I own a corner lot, why can't I build to the edge of my property?

Corner lots bordered by roads cannot have features (fences, buildings, etc…) within a certain distance of the corner so that visibility for vehicles is not obstructed. This distance varies by municipality.