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Right-of-Way Surveys Calgary & Area

Right-of-Way surveys provide a way of granting rights to a piece of land without giving away ownership. These third-party rights are enshrined within the Land Title. The specific details of these rights are registered at the Land Titles Office.

The third-parties are commonly:

  • Government (e.g. access and utilities)
  • Corporations (e.g. utilities such as Enmax, Atco or Shaw)
  • Private individuals (e.g. shared driveways, land drainage…)
  • Like subdivisions, Alberta Land Surveyors can create Right-of-Ways by registering plans at the Land Titles Office.


Do you survey and mark Right-of-Ways?

Yes, we survey and mark any boundary including right-of-ways.

How do I know if I have Right-of-Ways on my property?

Properties vary greatly in the number and location of right-of-ways, you will need to contact an Alberta Land Surveyor to discuss your specific property.

Am I allowed to build in Right-of-Ways?

In most cases it is not advisable to build in a Right-of-Way.