» Covid-19 - Surveyors as an essential service Important Information

As per the information released by the Alberta Government and Alberta Land Surveyors Association, Surveyors are considered an essential Service. Alberta Land Surveyors, such as those at Axiom Geomatics, continue to be available to safely complete Real Property Reports (RPR) for Real Estate transactions. Although most work performed by surveyors is unaffected by the pandemic situation some modifications to our processes were inevitable. The biggest change relates to surveying the common wall, often called a party wall, between duplexes and row homes. Previously this common wall location would have been surveyed, however given the current health concerns we will not be entering people's houses. The location of this wall will be estimated from the outside and a note to this effect will be placed on the Real Property Report.

These are challenging times for everyone, Axiom Geomatics is doing its part to serve all Albertans during this difficult time. It is also expected that there will be changes to the process for submitting the Real Property Reports to municipalities, we will keep you updated on these changes as we learn about them.If you have any questions or concerns about your RPR please feel free to reach out .

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Right-of-Way Surveys Calgary & Area

Right-of-Way surveys provide a way of granting rights to a piece of land without giving away ownership. These third-party rights are enshrined within the Land Title. The specific details of these rights are registered at the Land Titles Office.

The third-parties are commonly:

  • Government (e.g. access and utilities)
  • Corporations (e.g. utilities such as Enmax, Atco or Shaw)
  • Private individuals (e.g. shared driveways, land drainage…)
  • Like subdivisions, Alberta Land Surveyors can create Right-of-Ways by registering plans at the Land Titles Office.


Do you survey and mark Right-of-Ways?

Yes, we survey and mark any boundary including right-of-ways.

How do I know if I have Right-of-Ways on my property?

Properties vary greatly in the number and location of right-of-ways, you will need to contact an Alberta Land Surveyor to discuss your specific property.

Am I allowed to build in Right-of-Ways?

In most cases it is not advisable to build in a Right-of-Way.