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In survey parlance a Streetscape is the horizontal view, or street view, of a Development Permit Survey. (A DP Survey is an aerial view.) A Streetscape is often a required part of a Development Permit application to the local municipality required for new construction or redevelopment on a property.

Most municipalities that require a Streetscape do so to ensure architectural consistency of the area with respect to existing homes. In theory this ensures neighbourhood character is not disrupted by new developments.

When creating a Streetscape, the surveyor takes 3-D measurements of your property and the adjacent properties, obtains high-resolution photos of the same. This data is imported into a special computer program that helps generate the finished product.


Why aren't chimneys shown on Streetscapes?

A Streetscape needs to show the highest peak of the house, which is the top of the roof. Chimneys should always exceed this height, but are not required nor part of a Streetscape document.

Can I get a Streetscape for a partially-constructed house?

Yes! The Streetscape will flag it as "under construction" and the finished document will show the property as-is at the time of the survey.

What if I'm on a corner lot?

A typical Streetscape shows the two houses to the left and right of your property, if they exist. On a corner lot the two to the side and one behind the subject lot are included, as per municipal requirements.

What if I'm next to a corner lot?

If you are next to a corner lot, we show only one house on the side with the closest corner.