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As per the information released by the Alberta Government and Alberta Land Surveyors Association, Surveyors are considered an essential Service. Alberta Land Surveyors, such as those at Axiom Geomatics, continue to be available to safely complete Real Property Reports (RPR) for Real Estate transactions. Although most work performed by surveyors is unaffected by the pandemic situation some modifications to our processes were inevitable. The biggest change relates to surveying the common wall, often called a party wall, between duplexes and row homes. Previously this common wall location would have been surveyed, however given the current health concerns we will not be entering people's houses. The location of this wall will be estimated from the outside and a note to this effect will be placed on the Real Property Report.

These are challenging times for everyone, Axiom Geomatics is doing its part to serve all Albertans during this difficult time. It is also expected that there will be changes to the process for submitting the Real Property Reports to municipalities, we will keep you updated on these changes as we learn about them.If you have any questions or concerns about your RPR please feel free to reach out .

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Real Property Reports Calgary

A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document that illustrates the location of significant improvements relative to property boundaries. It is a requirement of most real estate transactions in Alberta.

An RPR identifies:

  • any encroachment from adjacent properties
  • all easements, restrictive covenants and right-of-ways
  • compliance issues with municipal requirements/bylaws
  • problems related to property boundaries
  • man-made, above ground permanent features and their relation to property lines
  • and much more
  • Real Property Reports protect property sellers from potential future legal liabilities resulting from problems related to property boundaries and improvements.

RPRs protect property buyers with a clear understanding of what they're purchasing.

RPR preparation includes a search for pertinent encumbrances registered against the title, a search all plans related to the location of boundaries, a field survey and the preparation of a plan/diagram reflecting the results of the survey and title search.

Optionally, the completed RPR can be sent to the appropriate municipality to receive a Certificate of Compliance. Fees for this service vary by municipality. The Certificate of Compliance is granted to those properties that, based on the RPR provided, comply with the local municipal bylaws.

RPR Cost vs Update Cost

The amount of work to prepare an RPR varies between properties due to lot size, shape, number of buildings, natural features, age and availability of property boundary information.

If a previous survey has been done on a property, an updated RPR may be created at lesser cost, pursuant to a number of restrictions. If you require an RPR update please contact Axiom Geomatics to discuss savings opportunities.

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I'm selling a Condo, do I need a Real Property Report?

This can be a complex issue, as there are different types of condominiums. Typically, a "traditional" or "building" condominium, often referred to as an apartment style condo, does not need a Real Property Report. However, a "bare land" condo typically will require a Real Property Report. Please contact us with the specific details of your property for further information.

I have an old Real Property Report, do I need a new one?

Generally, old surveys will need to be updated. A Real Property Report is typically considered valid, as long as it currently represents the property correctly. There are two common ways a Real Property Report can become invalid:

  1. The size or location of structures on the property have changed since the existing Real Property Report was done. Typical changes include additions, alterations or removal of fences, sheds, decks and garages.
  2. The municipality changes their RPR content requirements. This can be an almost annual occurrence. Due to these changing requirements, and despite no changes whatsoever affecting the property, the Real Property Report may be invalid.

What is compliance?

A "stamp of compliance" is provided for a fee at most municipalities. The stamp that the municipality places on the Real Property Report indicates that the property complies with those municipal by-laws that relate to the Real Property Report. If you encounter problems while obtaining a stamp of compliance, please contact Axiom Geomatics for assistance.

Can I use my Real Property Report for fence lines?

It is not recommended that an Real Property Report be used to establish a property line. If you require a boundary for fence line construction, or any other purpose, please request a Property Line Survey. The survey work for an original Real Property Report andfence line survey can be performed simultaneously resulting in savings of both time and money.

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