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Lot Grading Surveys & Certificates Calgary & Area

A Lot Grading Survey is a type of municipal survey that shows the predominant drainage pattern of the parcel. This survey should be completed after the house/garage/structure is built and landscaping has been completed.

To meet local Plot Plan requirements the water must drain away from the building on all sides. If it does not the builder/landscaper will be required to perform remedial work.

After the survey is complete, and when all water drains away from the property, an Alberta Land Surveyor at Axiom Geomatics can issue a Lot Grading Certificate, these are frequently required by municipalities and insurance companies.


Do I need a Lot Grading Certificate?

This requirement varies by municipality and also within the municipality, e.g. in the City of Calgary only new developments require a Lot Grading Certificate.

What if the water drains away from my property, but not in the direction of the Plot Plan?

Usually this isn't a problem as the primary concern is for water to move away from the structure, thus protecting the property. There are a few occasions where this is not suitable and remediation work will be required. This varies on a case-by-case basis.