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House Stakeouts Calgary & Area

A House/Garage/Condo Stakeout involves the accurate placement of colored construction stakes (survey markers) according to the municipal-approved Plot Plan so that the excavation service knows exactly where and how deep to dig the basement.

A Stakeout is the immediate precursor to breaking ground on a construction project such as your new home/garage/condo/driveway/etc…

Having an Alberta Land Surveyor layout where your new structure will be has the benefit of starting the actual construction phase of your project off on a path for success. The alternative may be expensive: possible errors include having to demolish a (partially-built or complete) structure to be compliant with by-laws, intrusion upon utility right-of-ways and the cost of additional surveys and easements.


Does a Surveyor need to pin footings/walls?

Possibly not. If the structure being built is simple (e.g. 6 or fewer right-angle corners) than the cribber may be able to layout the foundation from the Surveyor's existing marks. For complex structures (those with 8+ corners or non-right-angle corners) a Surveyor should be the person ensuring the foundation's accuracy.

Do I need an certified Alberta Land Surveyor to perform the stakeout?

As buildings are located in relation to property lines, only an Alberta Land Surveyor may undertake this work in Alberta.