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Development Permit Surveys Calgary & Area

Most municipalities require a Development Permit for new developments, construction or renovations to an existing property. A Development Permit Survey is one of the components of such an application.

A Development Permit Survey (DP Survey) provides a highly accurate, detailed document used by developers, landscape designers, architects and construction teams to determine the nature and location of structures that can be built or added to a property. Often times aStreetscape is also required as part of the documentation for the municipality.

Axiom Geomatics provides DP Surveys that include your property as well as the size and shape of adjacent properties, per municipal requirements. Consider our many years of experience as a resource to obtain Our many years of experience can help you understand the overly complex nature of obtaining Development Permits from a municipality, we'll help you along the way.

Development Permit Survey Cost

Creation of a Development Permit Survey document entails a detailed survey of your property and those adjacent followed by drafting of the document. As with all survey work, the size of the lot, shape, terrain and complexity of the property affect the amount of time to complete the task.

Municipalities may also require additional documentation and fees as part of the Development Permit application process. For your convenience we have included links to the various municipalities' websites for information specific to your location.