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Construction Surveys

Construction services include all surveys and work required by architects, landscapers, developers, engineers and construction crews. Axiom Geomatics offers the following services for our construction clients:

Development Permit survey

Development Permit Surveys

When building a new house, the initial step for many property owners, developers, designers and architects is to request a survey of the property and surrounding area. This survey will determine the nature and location of the structures that can be built on the property.

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A Streetscape is the horizontal view of a Development Permit survey and is usually a required component in an application to the municipality for most property development work.

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Plot Plan survey

Plot Plans

The Plot Plan displays the intended shape and dimensions of the new building in relation to the property boundaries. It forms the basis of all construction work. The plot plan must be approved by the municipal authority before construction commences.

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House stakeout service

House Stakeouts

A House Stakeout (or Excavation Survey or Basement Stakeout) is a service that identifies the location of building construction as well as the depth to excavate for the basement by marking the ground with construction stakes. It ensures you dig in the right place.

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Main Floor survey

Main Floor & Footing Elevation Surveys

A Main Floor Elevation Survey or Footing Elevation Survey ensures that the structure being built is of the correct height relative to municipal requirements. Depending upon municipal requirements you may need either the Main Floor survey or the Footing Elevation survey.

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Lot Grading Certificate sample

Lot Grading Surveys & Certificates

A Lot Grading Survey is a type of municipal survey designed to determine which direction water will drain from the property and that landscaping meets the Plot Plan specifications. A Lot Grading Certificate may be required by the municipality indicating water drainage is appropriate.

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Right-of-Way survey

Utility Construction Surveys

A Utility Construction Survey determines the future location where utilities will be located on a property. These utilities include fiber-optic lines, power, natural gas, as well as water and sewage lines.

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Large-scale building construction

Large Building Construction

Large Building Construction involves multiple surveys to ensure that the commercial building, high-rise condominium or parking lot structure projects are built as efficiently as possible.

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Engineering survey

Engineering Surveys

Axiom Geomatics leverages their survey expertise to support other engineering disciplines. This work includes volume calculations, slope stability surveys and more.

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