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Compliance Costs

A Real Property Report (RPR's) provides a comprehensive, visual representation of the improvements on a property, helping to identify any potential issues or discrepancies that may need to be addressed before a sale is finalized. Land surveyors note the location of many exterior features such as sheds, fences, decks, retaining walls, etc. to ensure accurate representation of the home, structures and parcel of land.

A Surveyors’ Real Property Report (RPR), can be submitted to a Municipality (eg. Red Deer or Calgary) for a Certificate or Stamp of Compliance. This evaluation process compares the structures on the property to the bylaws created by the municipality. If the property doesn't violate the bylaws, the “stamp” or “letter” of compliance will be issued and attest that a specific property complies with the local zoning bylaws, land use regulations, and other applicable laws and regulations. The municipality compares the RPR with the specific local zoning that applies to that specific parcel and land use regulations to ensure that the property adheres to the requirements. These requirements can vary by jurisdiction and neighborhood and even by age of the house. This certificate serves as an assurance that, based on the survey conducted, the property conforms to the applicable laws and regulations. Axiom Geomatics offers, for an additional service fee, to submit the RPRs on our clients’ behalf. The costs for this compliance letter or stamp is set by the municipalities, and many Southern Alberta municipalities are listed below.