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Condominium Services Calgary & Area

Development of a condominium complex is a significant undertaking usually involving a lot of construction surveying at the beginning. Survey services required include the initial municipal construction survey, determination of condo unit boundaries, determination of common property, creation of the condominium plan, municipal approval(s) and registration of land titles. Making changes to an existing development also has its own unique challenges.

Keeping in mind that condominiums are a type of ownership, there are two sub-categories to this ownership:

Bare Land Unit
This is effectively ownership of a piece of land, referred to as a "unit" and you still belong to a condominium. This is a common type of ownership for townhouses. However single-family homes can also be built on this making it appear no different than a subdivision.
Traditional or Building Unit
This is what most people think of when they think of a condo unit and is the type of unit you would find in a multi-story complex or high-rise.

Condominiums are commonly developed in phases. There are multiple techniques for accomplishing this, however all of them are highly complex. Give us a call to discuss the best solution for your project.

It is quite common to take a 30+ year-old building and convert it to a condominium.