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Legal Surveys

Legal surveys include all work related with ownership and transference of property rights. Axiom Geomatics offers the following to our clients requiring property ownership surveys:

Real Property Report sample

Real Property Reports

A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document showing information about a property including dimensions, permanent features, easements, right-of-ways and encroachments relative to property lines. In Alberta it is often required when real estate is sold.

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Subdivision Surveys

Subdivision is taking a single parcel of land and dividing it into two or more parcels, each with their own land title. This work ranges from subdividing a single plot into two infills to creating entirely new neighbourhoods.

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Right-of-Way Surveys

Utility, overland drainage and maintenance access right-of-ways may have rights over your property that restrict what you are able to do within your land.

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Condominium Services

A condominium is a type of ownership, not a building. Condominium services include creation of a new condominium.

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Lease Area survey

Lease Area Surveys

Lease areas may allow a party, other than the owner of the property, to have limited rights to a property. The BOMA standards are the most popular standards for Lease Area Surveys.

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